As one of its key activities HERQA will carry out institutional quality audits of all HEI's. An institutional quality audit is an in-depth analysis and assessment of the quality and relevance of programs and of the teaching and learning environment. Equally importantly,an institutional quality audit will assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of a HEI's approach to quality care, its system of accountability and its internal review mechanisms.

An institutional quality audit report prepared by HERQA will provide a description and evaluation of the quality of HEI's educational provision and of its mechanisms for assuring quality and relevance. Reports will make clear HERQA's confidence in the ability of the HEI to provide appropriate education. A HERQA institutional quality audit report will highlight elements of good practice and make recommendation for improvements.

In issuing institutional quality audit reports HERQA aims to support a HEI by recognizing its good practices and by indicating areas where changes in practice can enhance the quality and relevance of its activities. HERQA hopes that through its institutional quality audit reports and the dissemination of good practice that it will help to enhance the provision of higher education on Ethiopia and the confidence of all stakeholders in the quality of the provision.